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Bring Your Life Care Plan to Life

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“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always be defeated!”

Priority Responsible Funding presents, "Bring Your Life Care Plan to Life", non-recourse medical care/treatment funding program.

This industry disruptive program provides NR Funding for all medical care/treatment noted in your Life Care Planner's report.

As Trial Lawyers know... Certain types of Medical Services such as, aide and attendant care, CNA, in patient facility treatment, etc — are unavailable to clients under traditional LOP (letter of protection) or Lien Payment arrangements.

As a consequence, your client and family must wait till case resolution to receive sufficient monies to pay for previously recommended medical care/treatment.

Making matters worse... by not receiving medical care/treatment reflected in the Life Care Planner's damages report... Said report/opinions are subject to defense attack and scrutiny regarding client's need for same...

Does the following sound familiar?

How many times have you been subjected to the following defense argument at trial, arbitration or mediation..

Ladies and gentlemen/Mr. Mediator.. As noted in the Life Care Planner's report... Should the patient not receive the aide and attendant care. prescription medication, in patient facility care, etc. deemed medically necessary by the client's treating physician(s)... said patients medical condition is likely to deteriorate... slip trip falls likely to occur, and reduced life expectancy anticipated to occur...

We are now 2 years post the LCP's report... Despite the plaintiff not having received any of the medical care/treatment deemed medically necessary and noted in the Life Care Planner's report... There has been no deterioration in the plaintiff's medical condition... no slip trip falls etc... that said, why should my client be held responsible for the medical care/treatment and costs reflected in the LCP's report!!!

By funding the medical care reflected in the LCP's report, (in real time), it enables the client/family to testify how same has dramatically improved the client's condition and well being!!!

Turns perception into reality... And bullet proofs the Life Care Planner's report and future damages assessment!!!

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