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Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Program

Priority Responsible Funding recognizes the high costs associated with TBI legal representation! Securing the BEST Medical Experts requires significant capital investment.

As TBI cases move forward, previous cost analysis and budgeting for litigation expenses can increase dramatically! This places additional stress and unnecessary financial risk to your law firm.

Priority Responsible Funding has the financial backing and resources to fund at the highest levels! Once committed, Priority Responsible Funding will be your financial ally throughout the course of your case, available to provide additional litigation funding when needed!

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“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always be defeated!”

Our simple and transparent non-recourse funding charges separate Priority Responsible Funding from all other funding companies!
Priority Responsible Funding provides funding for all Medical and Expert Witness Charges at the billed amount. No increases to an Expert’s bill to satisfy funding charges. Priority Responsible Funding supplies all clients with transparent monthly interest charges.

To learn more about our Non-Recourse Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Funding Program, please contact our president Brett K. Findler directly at (855) FUNDS-4-ME / (855) 386-3746 or via email us

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